Greek Orthodox Church Of Epirus

(The Holy Orthodox Autocephalous Church Of Epirus)

As per Decree from the 25th day of August 2009 the Grand Prince of Epirus, Don Davide Pozzi Sacchi of Santa Sofia, in his capacity as High Protector of the Orthodox Church of Epirus, with a special Tomos had erected the Holy Metropolia Of The Holy Autocephalous Orthodox Church Of The Kingdom Of Epirus (or short OCE for Greek Orthodox Church of Epirus).

The Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople had formally recognized the new State entity of the Kingdom of Epirus in early 1915 and solemnized it with the attribution of autocephaly to the Epirot Orthodox Church under the high protectorate of King ZogrĂ fos.

Ever since, the OCE with its dependences worldwide provides pastoral services to all Orthodox, especially to third and fourth generations of Epirate exiles abroad. The OCE is in communion with all Orthodox branches allowing for canonical relations while paying homage to the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople as the spiritual head of the Eastern Orthodox Church.