The Orthodox Church Of Epirus

True Canonical Orthodoxy

Ecclesiastical Protectorates

The right of protection is granted by the Greek Orthodox Church of Epirus (OCE) in an environment or country with regard to the persons and establishments of Orders and related canonical dependencies. 

However, ecclesial protection does not necessarily apply to all protection of dependencies, but only to those permanently exercised by virtue of an acquired right, usually established by an Apostolic Grammata, voluntarily consented to and accepted after proper petition by the respective entity. 

The object of a Protectorate may be more or less extensive accordingly,  since it may either embrace only the Synod members subject to the protecting power, i.e. the OCE, or it may apply to the members of a particular Order only, including its native population. 

In turn, each Protectorate shows gratitude and supports the church by making a donation from time to time.

Member Protectorates

The Order Of The Kingdom Of Prussia  ✥  Duke Sergey von der Wolff

Vladimir, Prince of Herat

Royal House of Herat