The Orthodox Church Of Epirus

True Canonical Orthodoxy


(Note that these are ongoing positions and different from term-limited Synod Board Positions)

Exarch & Coadjutor to the Metropolitan: Archbishop Petros (Maeyens)

Advisor to the Metropolitan:  Sr. Jody (Rockenbach), OSB

Cathedra Dean: (vacant, see below)

Deacon: (vacant, see below)

Synod Chancellor: Deaconess Sr. Mary Joseph (Lavdas), OSB

Synod Vocations Director: Bro. Anthony (Sanders), OFM

Divinity School Chancellor: (vacant, see below)

Divinity School Faculty Positions: (please inquire about details)


 Meister Eckhart Divinity School


School Chancellor

(A Job Description)


Meister Eckhart Divinity School seeks applications and nominations for its Chancellor position. This search is open to a range of approaches from teaching and research in practical theology of worship, the arts and historical studies of Orthodox theology, including interdisciplinary interests in Christian ministry. The Chancellor also advises both the faculty of the School’s Divinity Degrees and the departments of other religious certificates.  Since this is a Divinity School of an Eastern Orthodox Synod , the Chancellor should be a practicing Orthodox Christian.


Successful applicants will have an established record of teaching experience, preferably in theology, as well as an ability to oversee a wide variety of programs and interests in helping to develop and support programs of faculty members. Though not a traditional Orthodox seminary, Meister Eckhart Divinity School has a strong commitment to its Orthodox Theology program and places high value on its faculty and student body, as well as on research and teaching.


The Chancellor attends to the day-to-day School business and supervises its operation. He or she is accountable to the Metropolitan (or his designee) and upholds as well as enforces that all School policies are maintained. The Chancellor strictly holds to and ensures that the mission and commitment of the School are followed.




In a global and multi-religious world, Meister Eckhart Divinity School seeks to fulfill the following objectives:

• To engage in theological inquiry

• To help persons preparing for the practice of Christian ministry and public leadership;

• To encourage personal and spiritual growth and formation

• To educate future scholars and teachers, locally and globally.


Degree programs enable students, with the aid of Faculty, to plan a course of study in light of their talents, interests and professional objectives. Church resources offer rich opportunities for students to secure additional knowledge and skills in preparation for their vocations.




Meister Eckhart Divinity School believes that one comes more authentically to grasp faith by an honest and open examination. It understands this faith to have great impact on the common life of humanity. Thus the School is committed to assisting its community in achieving a critical and reflective understanding of the authentic Christian faith and in discerning the implications of that faith for the church, society and the lives of individuals. Such commitment entails the education of those who will be authentic representatives of the faith and effective agents in working for a more just and humane society, for the development of new and better modes of ministry and for leadership in church and community that will help to alleviate the ills besetting society. It entails also the education of individuals who have strong resources of personal faith, without which their leadership in their community would be jeopardized.


Meister Eckhart School affirms its commitment to do all in its power to combat the evil of racism and ethnocentrism that unfortunately remains widespread in our society. Positively, this includes a commitment to take full account of the contributions of African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans and Native Americans. It requires the appointment of faculty members and the recruitment of students from these entities and adequate provision for their support.


Meister Eckhart Divinity School is committed that women have a larger role in ministry and teaching than they historically have enjoyed. It requires appointment of women to faculty, enrollment of a larger number of women students in all programs and concerted effort to eliminate all forms of discrimination in attitudes, practices and language. The school regards the use of inclusive language as an expression of its opposition to gender-based prejudice.


The school is committed to a program of theological education that is open to and takes account of the religious pluralism in our world. It seeks to familiarize students with inter-religious dialogue and the diverse manifestations of Christianity throughout the world, recognizing that to know compassionate Orthodoxy one must seek what is held in common over that what separates. This commitment entails the appointment to the faculty of scholars of other religious traditions and from diverse branches of Christianity, as well as the provision of resources for students to study in global contexts.


In seeking to act upon such commitments, the school seeks to focus that its fundamental task is educational.  The School is committed to conducting its work in an atmosphere conducive to free expression of opinion and judgment in such a way as to actively enlist the insight of the School’s alumni and alumnae, faculty, staff and the larger student community.


Cathedra Dean

The Dean works directly with the Metropolitan (or his designee) in providing liturgical and pastoral Services, as well as some administrative functions as needed. May oversee other clergy in the function as Dean. Must re-locate to Nebraska (USA) and be an ordained priest (or eligible for ordination). The Metropolia will help in finding adequate housing and employment.


The Deacon is assigned to St. Joseph Of Arimathea Chapel in Lincoln, Nebraska. He will assist with Services and other functions depending on qualifications. Must relocate. The Metropolia will help in finding adequate housing and employment.

To apply for any of these positions, please contact the Metropolia Chancellery