Holy Orthodox Autocephalous Church Of Epirus


St. Joseph Of Arimathea Skete

St. Joseph of Arimathea Skete consists of Oblates, monastics as well as congregants. It is the Mother-House of all Benedictine communities in the Synod.

Hamilton, New Jersey


  • Comunidade Religiosa Beneditinos Orthodoxes De Santa Face

Spanish-speaking Benedictine communities in Brazil and Venezuela


EASTERN (St. Basil)

Holy Parousía Orthodox Skete

A Greek Orthodox Small Monastery in the Nebraska Ukrainian Orthodox Exarchate

(V. Rev. ) Fr. Michael (Reyes), Archimandrite


St. Nicholas Hermitage

A Latin Rite Franciscan Monastic Oratory in the Nebraska Ukrainian Orthodox Exarchate

(Rev.) Brother Anthony (Sanders), OFM