Holy Orthodox Autocephalous Church Of Epirus


St. Joseph Of Arimathea Skete

St. Joseph of Arimathea Skete consists of Oblates, monastics as well as congregants of the larger structure within the OCE Benedictine community.

Benedictine Oblate Chapter Of Our Lady Of Sorrows

Hamilton, NJ


Comunidade Religiosa Beneditinos Orthodoxes De Santa Face

A Spanish-speaking Benedictine community in Brazil

  • EASTERN (St. Basil)

Holy Parousía Orthodox Skete

A Greek Orthodox Small Monastery in the Nebraska Ukrainian Orthodox Exarchate

(V. Rev. ) Fr. Michael (Reyes), Archimandrite


St. Nicholas Hermitage

A Latin Rite Franciscan Monastic Oratory in the Nebraska Ukrainian Orthodox Exarchate

(Rev.) Brother Anthony (Sanders), OFM