Greek Orthodox Church Of Epirus

Konvent des Heiligen Josef von Arimathäa (KJA)

The Community Of St. Josef Of Arimathea

KJA is a German brotherhood of clergymen and a fellowship of men, women and families, whose members pray together and for each other, including the Divine Liturgy, Vespers and other Services of the Byzantine-Slavic tradition.

  • The KJA strives to adapt the richness of Eastern Christian spirituality, liturgy and theology by way of praying, to make good use of the results of the theological dialogues betweenchurches and to promote the studies of the Eastern Church.

  • The KJA was founded in 2003 by students of courses in Eastern Church Studies at the Theological Faculty of Heidelberg (former name: Estern Rite Community).

Retreat in December 2021

Metropolitan Melchizedek in Groß-Gerau