The Orthodox Church Of Epirus

True Canonical Orthodoxy

The Consistory Of The Orthodox Church Of Epirus

§1 Definition

The Consistory Of The Orthodox Church of Epirus is the ecclesial court of first instance. Consistory members are appointed by the Metropolitan or his designee to oversee moral and canonical matters pertaining to the Church discipline according to the Holy Canons of the Orthodox Church and the jurisdictional Canons & Guidelines of the OCE.

§2 Regulations

§3 Subjects

Both, clergy and laity are subject to this Consistory in the following instances:

§4 Final Determination

§5 Grounds For Dissolution of Marriage

The Holy Councils of the Orthodox Church have recognized the following reasons for dissolution of a marriage that has been sanctified by the Church. Note that this does not apply to heterodox marriages, as the Orthodox Church does not recognize such.

§6 Guidelines For Church Divorce Petitions

The Consistory hears petitions for ecclesial divorce. Any petition must include the following documents which must be sent to the presiding Justice of the Consistory or the designated administrator according to the rubric within the Code of Canon Law.

§7 Reasons For Clergy Discipline

§8 Guidelines For Filing

The Consistory hears all petitions of suspected misconduct. Any petition must include the following documents:

Members Currently Serving On The Consistory

To contact the Consistory, please send and email to: